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Top Ways To Display Your #NFT Collection

The world of NFT art is a relatively new experience for everyone, and there are so many unexplored routes with the technology, especially when it comes to displaying your NFTs. Whilst most of us are used to viewing crypto art through a web browser, on a marketplace or on social media, there are better ways for collectors to experience NFT art.

The superchief gallery in New York has captured the eyes of collectors from all over for being the world’s first physical gallery for NFTs. Their revolutionary approach is allowing art enthusiasts to experience these digital artworks in a physical form as well.

Having the opportunity to get together with fellow art lovers and experience NFTs in a physical environment definitely brings out a new level of appreciation. Not only would you get the full art experience, but you’d also get to socialize with like-minded people, discuss new topics and ideas about blockchain technology, and engage with the crypto community on a deeper level. A physical gallery for NFTs also opens up the opportunity for gallery owners to draw in new collectors and investors by allowing them to experience modern art in a traditional environment.

So how do you actually go about displaying NFTs in a physical gallery? Well, it turns out that high-end tech developers are looking to answer this as fast as possible. The obvious solution would be to use a digital frame with a high-resolution, such as a 4K monitor, for example, allowing for all details of the artwork to be perfectly visible.

Digital frames are all well and good, but the challenge comes when a gallery is trying to display a large piece of artwork. Take Beeples everydays collection image, a collage with all of the artwork he has created over the years. This would require a huge digital frame, with an equally high-resolution display, which might be a bit of a challenge to source. Instead, some galleries have turned to high-quality projectors, allowing them to display the artwork on a blank wall, whilst having the flexibility to scale and move the piece.

We can’t talk about digital artwork collections without talking about the Metaverse. For those who’ve been living under a rock, the Metaverse is an online virtual world that combines virtual and augmented reality into one place where people can interact with each other in real-time in a shared 3D space. It’s been a long time coming, but it seems like we might be on the edge of major adoption. With VR equipment becoming cheaper and more accessible, both technologies are predicted to have explosive growth over the next few years.

The Metaverse is allowing collectors and creators to build personalized galleries filled with their favourite NFTs. Whilst purchasing a physical art gallery is a bit out of scope for most art enthusiasts, the Metaverse galleries are easily accessible and highly customizable. Virtual galleries allow the owners of the plot to create a space that is literally out of this world. Want to have several different themes rooms in your gallery? You can build it in a couple of clicks. Want to have two, three, or even four floors? Go ahead and add them! Everything in the Metaverse is possible.

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