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Etherbear nft

NFTs are traded on NFT marketplaces, and OpenSea is by far the most popular when it comes to Ethereum-based NFTs.

Signing up for OpenSea takes a few clicks. At the top-right corner of the OpenSea website, you’ll see a wallet icon. Click on it, and it will show you a long list of supported crypto wallets. Choose MetaMask, if you’ve followed the earlier step and got yourself MetaMask. If you’ve opted for an alternative, select the appropriate wallet from the list; many wallets support the WalletConnect protocol for connecting to websites.

Once you choose MetaMask from that list, OpenSea will show a pop-up window that says “Connect with MetaMask.” Click next, and your profile will automatically be created. And that’s done!

Until you customize your OpenSea account with a profile picture and a username, your profile will be “unnamed” containing only your Ethereum public address. But don’t worry about adding any details to it. OpenSea isn’t a social media platform, after all.

Step 2: Create your app (and API key)

Once you’ve created an Alchemy account, you can generate an API key by creating an app. This will allow us to make requests to the Ropsten test network. Check out this guide if you’re curious to learn more about test networks.

  1. Navigate to the “Create App” page in your Alchemy Dashboard by hovering over “Apps” in the nav bar and clicking “Create App”
  1. Name your app (we chose “My First NFT!”), offer a short description, select “Staging” for the Environment (used for your app bookkeeping), and choose “Ropsten” for your network.
  1. Click “Create app” and that’s it! Your app should appear in the table below.

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